Saturday, 21 April 2012

To Do

This is my today's to do list.

1. Tidy up house
2. pack all car boots sale items so I can clean dining room
3. Clean house
4. Do boring internet  shopping
5. Decide what food to serve to family tomorrow and buy it
6. Mow lawn and tackle jungle-out-there
7. 1 hour's braille practise

So here I am at the computer on the internet catching up on all my favourite blogs. I'm wondering how to avoid doing all the above in order to do what soothes me and gives me joy - making something lovely. The thing is, it was Number One Child's birthday last week and she did what a fourteen year old girl would want to do - hang out with her friends. So it's family celebrations tomorrow, and there's quite a few of them. They are pretty wonderful people, and I can't wait to see them, but I have a Saturday morning hangover, and my sewing machine and I haven't seen each other since I went back to work after Easter. Plus I am a terrible hostess…I hate cooking with a passion, my house is never very clean, I get tipsy too quickly and I'm quite long-sighted so I make mistakes (famously served the brandy butter instead of the pate for Christmas starters). My Good Self is saying, 'Come on Mrs, get yerself up and on, let's get this party sorted!' My Bad Self, on the other hand, is saying, 'Plenty of time for all that housework Later! Let's not turn into a drudge! We've worked hard all week, c'mon! Let's sit around for a while and make something!'
So I'll keep you posted…


  1. Thank you for your funny comment on my blog. I can see you standing in the terrible weather, to watch those terrible children. Sometimes I think we complain to much about the weather, you better can take it as it comes. But as we have four seasons, you will enjoy them as they are supposed to be. So we want some nice temperatures and wear nice clothes!

  2. Loved your pictures! You're right, without the dark winter months we couldn't enjoy the first signs of Spring. I'm a wee bit fed up of getting wet, though, and as I sometimes sit next to a heater in the classroom, I'm starting to felt. I may even have shrunk a bit (hope not, I can't really afford to get much shorter).