Friday, 6 April 2012

Pearly Buttons

This is the Pearly King of Upminster. The pearly royal family are very devout and hold an annual thanksgiving service at harvest festival time.
My Lewes Pearlies

In Lewes, East Sussex, yesterday to see my Mum and Dad and treat them to birthday lunch. Afterwards we went on a bargain hunt round the antique markets. I found a stall specialising in buttons and bought a bag of beautiful vintage pearly buttons… enough to make a Pearly costume, but only for a doll! The other bargains we came home with were a lovely umbrella and a vintage nurses hat. I've researched the hat and come up with nothing but little white numbers. This one is black felt, with a little brim and a badge on the front. Inside the maker is 'by appointment to His Majesty, King George', so we know it's quite a find. I love these buttons, and will use them for all sorts of sewing projects. And next time in Lewes I'll be sure to take a little more spending money so I can stock up!

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