Monday, 30 April 2012

…drought? What drought?

made from antique quilting, part of a UK map, a 1940s recipe for Empire Nut bread, victorian scrap, hand embroidery, feed sack
This is what I've been working on recently. It's just the right size for a UK Oyster card (which allows cashless travel - you top it up with money at the underground station). Or you could use it for an ID card. I made it from part of an old map from the 30s, a recipe I found tucked into a WW11 book (for Empire Nut Bread), a couple of Victorian scraps, some ancient feedsack from a vintage quilt, a lot of pretty hand embroidery and I lined it with part of a Victorian quilt. When Number One Child saw it, she said, 'That's lovely, can I have one?' So now I have to make myself another one. It was fun to make, and it's lovely that she liked it, so I'm happy!

The cough has come back. On Sunday there was no tra-la laaing up and down the stairs, and no running anywhere, and not too much laughing, and then virtually no sleeping Sunday night, and yesterday couldn't face an hour today in the playground shouting and getting wet, and was worried my chest infection had returned, so I took my cough to the docs. Surprisingly the doctor said, no, she couldn't hear the death-rattle this time. So I feel stoopid now, and I'll have to have a 'back to work' interview with my line manager today, which'll be embarrassing - but I'll wave my prescription for antibiotics at him and hope he doesn't sense my humiliation. At least the rain has let up…

…oops, spoke too soon!

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