Thursday, 5 April 2012

Delicious parcels

It's my mum's birthday next week and I am going to Lewes, taking my family with me, to treat her to lunch. What do you give to the girl who has everything she wants already? She loves reading so I often get her books - her wonderful house is full of books. This time I found her a rather beautiful scarf, and made this little lavender bag out of my absolutely favourite fabric of all time - an ancient 30s quilt block. It came from America, and is really soft and slightly fragile. I unpicked some seams, and you can see the stronger original colours contrasting against the faded fabric which was exposed. I've added two sweet little vintage buttons which were taken from a 1940s theatrical costume. The white fabric is part of a dressing table cloth which came with the huge lot of linen I wrote about the other day. And the lavender was from a lady who imports it from France. The opening of that parcel was so delicious, the scent was so strong, and I hope my mum's experience will be similar when she receives this present. Next time I visit her house I'll see where she decided to hang it.

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