Thursday, 19 April 2012

Mad scientists

It's true - the science department are full of crazy people. Yesterday on our way upstairs my v.i. student O, and I, met one of the science teachers who was coming down. On seeing O, he stretched both arms the width of the stairwell, and moved from side to side jokingly blocking her way. O sometimes has some vision when the conditions are right, and she could see a shape in front of her but she of course didn't know who he was because her vision impairment is severe. Then he put his face right up to hers, and loudly said 'Boo!' He thought it was funny but it wasn't, and I said so. Just before O started at our school, the staff had some training on visual impairment, including being led around school wearing a blindfold, and doing a bit of role play. Yesterday's scenario might have been included under the heading 'What Not To Do'. Clearly some of us need something more in the way of training.

On a positive note, I have finally had confirmation that my braille course has been signed off by the powers that be, just 2 days before the deadline for application. (as purse strings are drawn ever-tighter formal training for teaching assistants is becoming rare). So I will be getting formal tutoring and guidance, rather than just teaching myself (which is what I have had to do - possible, but very difficult). An hour a day for three months, with a test to follow, during which only three mistakes are allowed. I'm scared but excited.

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