Tuesday, 27 March 2012

school dinners

All the staff of my school were treated to a wonderful dinner last Friday night at a beautiful stately home in Croydon, London. It was a special thank you from the school governors for the excellent exam results achieved last year, and for the very good Ofsted report we recently got. The food was lovely, and we had a very jolly party. The walls of our dining room were panelled with ancient wood - the sort which give way to a secret passage if you press them in the right place. We had all made an effort to look pretty, all wearing spangles and chiffon (even the boys!). It was a chance to see each other as human beings, even party people. My lovely boss picked me up and dropped me off at the end of the night, too! I felt like Cinderella!
The good feeling generated between departments has lasted well into this week, too, as we smile hellos in the corridor in passing.

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