Saturday, 31 March 2012


for sale on Ebay
It was own-clothes day yesterday. The teachers were as excited as the students about showing off their individuality! They were all in jeans, almost without exception, with loads of preposterous hats with stickers on the brim, loads of Big Trainers, lots of waists and hips I've never seen before and some rare beauty (who knew R was so gorgeous?). Oh my, I love it when human beings strut their stuff.
I'm selling the vintage feed-sack quilt blocks above on Ebay as I am amassing too much stuff…sadly I can't justify having so many lovely pieces of fabric, neither our house nor my budget will stand it. These gorgeous blocks came from America, and I've used quite a few similar ones already to make various little things, some for sale in my Etsy shop…pot holders, brooches, bracelets. I love working with old, frayed and 'discovered' fabric, I'm hoping this lot will go to a good home!

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