Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Left over right? Or right over left?

Last Friday was a Holy Day of Obligation. Two masses were given, one for upper and one for lower school, which I attended with my VI student. It ended 20 minutes early - exactly the amount of time needed for a shaming from the Head. Some people did not know how to approach the priest correctly to receive the host, and did not say amen! Others did not genuflect in the correct direction (my VI student's genuflection is a sort of abstract Jackson Pollock affair)! And the lack of audible responses! Sir was embarrassed and ashamed.

As a result we are to devote a lesson to 'how to attend mass properly'. Which is marvelous, because I seriously have no clue, never having attended mass till I came here. It's all been a wild stab in the dark. I did manage to mutter amen as I received my blessing from scary Miss NoSmiles, and as it turns out that is the correct response. Phew.

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