Saturday, 30 June 2012

A Matter of Opinion

I am an old woman. I'm a darling woman. I am cool and my clothes are unexpected and cool. I am batty, and like Nanny McPhee (before or after? I'm not sure). I am butters (ugly, just in case I was unsure what it meant). I have beautiful eyes, and am like a mum and a sister. I'm wasted as a teaching assistant, and I'm very, very annoying, especially at the top of the Down Stairs. I'm posh. And also weird because I don't have a car. Everyone who rides a bike is weird, especially me. I have sweet little hands, also the hands of a small monkey (not sure if these are the same hands but I guess so, otherwise I would have four hands). I can do everything.

That's me sorted then. Thanks to all at school for that, sometimes we need to be told!


  1. As ragtag portraits go, that's a pretty good one! They seem pretty forthright at your school, which, I guess, could be a good and a bad thing. Depending on the nature of the forthrightness and one's mood.

    On another note, a friend of mine made her way here from my blog and has tried to comment without success - would you mind if I gave her your email address which comes up on your posts to me? Or maybe you can think of another way she can comment on your post(s).


  2. Thanks for your comment!

    What they say depends very much on our relationship - the person who said I was butters was expelled for mugging another student outside the school gates, and when he said this he was standing outside the railings at break time looking for victims among the year 7 and 8s, and I was asking him to move on or I would ring the police. Nanny McPhee was a rumour I heard, and the beautiful eyes comment was from one of a group of around seven yr 7 boys who hang around with me at lunchtime - I think they were missing their mums at the beginning and it just became a habit. I thought it was a well-rounded bag of unsolicited feedback. I love that people feel able to tell me this stuff! I'm not sure they would if I was a teacher.

    The comments - I can only comment on yours using Safari, I can't do it using Firefox which is my preferred browser. I don't mind at all if you give her my email address. I love to connect in this way - like making friends at a very ethereal cocktail party.