Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Religious Instruction

One of the most fun classes I assist in is the Year 7 RE class. The teacher, Miss C, is one of three beautiful young Irish RE teachers. She has milky white skin, lovely black hair, and a wry wit. The naughty chatterboxes laugh, argue, and occasionally shout at each other, but boy, do they know their stuff. She is a very good teacher, and her students respect her. We are currently studying the sacrament of reconciliation. To illustrate this we have been watching selected parts of the film 'Bruce Almighty'. Unorthodox? Possibly, but the divine Miss C has a point…it holds their attention and sticks in their minds. RE can be a very difficult subject to teach, particularly just after break, when they have been running around in the playground, or last thing on a Friday afternoon, when they are straining at the leash to get out and run around. At these times quiet reflection seems a million miles away, and it takes a generous and skilled teacher to bring the students 'back into the room'. Hats off to Miss C.

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