Saturday, 26 May 2012

Goodbye Donna Summer

Poor Donna Summer - she went too soon. Love to Love You Baby was the soundtrack to many nights out, even though it was a record for boys really - I have certainly never sounded like that when I *%^@ed. I don't think I was even *%^@ing when it was released in 1975. And by the time I did, I was disappointed in the sound which escaped my lips during said activity - more of a coital grunt than a seductive gasp. Donna, you misled me! Never mind, I loved that record anyway.

Meanwhile, the wonderful sun in shining down and I am going to fake being a good neighbour and attack the front garden with shears. Our house is like the Clampetts' and lets the rest of the street down in terms of upkeep. That's partly because I didn't plant roses, but instead some fast-growing and madly verdant plants which, like triffids, are a bit too enthusiastic in their habits.

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