Sunday, 22 September 2013


This weekend I finished these. Drawn using Adobe Illustrator, they are based on a variety of vintage styles, including some I found on 60s matchboxes. The leaves can be torn off, using the perforations, and then a strip should be cut off and slotted into the bottom of each picture, to allow it to stand up. They are the size of a matchbook. Illutrator is a brilliant piece of software and I really enjoyed making these!


  1. So this is very interesting to me because I used to use early versions of Adobe and then didn't for a long time. When I tried again it had all become so difficult and complicated! Your zebras are very enticing and I'm wondering whether Illustrator is useable in an intuitive way or whether it's necessary to go to endless evening classes.

  2. I think Illustrator is pretty intuitive. There are some effects I'd like to achieve and can't, because of my ignorance. But practice pays, and I don't practice enough! I have managed shading, and gradiated colour. If you used it before you should be able to figure it out. And there's probably a lot more online help now too. Go for it!