Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Back to Earth, no bump!

5 days in Paris. We travelled by Eurostar. Beautifully quick, no ear ache for Himself, and very relaxing. We stayed in a flat I found on Airbnb, a brilliant site. Check it out!

My favourite day was the flea market. Ibought a lovely fabric-covered glove box. Also some blue metal buttons, which pleased me.

It was a fabulous holiday with many happy memories. I made a souvenir book for myself and kept some tickets and things inside.


  1. I'm wondering whether this was your honeymoon-holiday, or a holiday-holiday. Whichever and whatever, from this side of the world things seem to be brightening after a difficult time Chez Tatters, and if I'm right I'm glad.

    (I remember my first trip to Paris, I was an undergrad and blew my entire budget on a pair of electric blue kid leather stilettos from Maud Frizon which I could never walk better in than a two year old in her mother's shoes, but I loved them to distraction).

  2. It was a sort of pre-nup honeymoon!
    What is can be very different from what should be - I really struggled with this last year. Let's hope this coming year will bring us both some peace!

    Shoes are incredibly uplifting purchases aren't they. At any age and in any circs! I am having a shoe cull today, although I'm trying not to let the chosen few know in case they try and run for cover. It's hard to coax them back out from under the bath.