Thursday, 25 July 2013

school's out 4 summer, school's out 4eva!

new glittery brooch in my Etsy shop

Normally, on a week-day, I get up, get dressed, and cycle up a big hill to do something I love but have little control over. When I have free time part of the pleasure is the planning.

My plans this summer include:
spending as much time as I'm allowed with Number One Child
re-learning how to bind books
making more vintage-style goodies for my etsy shop
charity-shop shopping
Paris (!)
tidying up (properly!)
spending time in the Tate
Visiting the V&A
Finding my wedding outfit
hunting down some decent films to watch
catching trains
being outside
drinking lots of water

I've made a good start with this little brooch, and I'm planning some more needlecases because they're selling well in Diverse Gifts, my local gift shop. But I admit I have been a little side-tracked by blog-land and have been reading some fantastic and inspirational blogs, like this one!

I'd love to know your summer plans. Drop me a line and let me know what you'll be up to this summer!


  1. Some of us, of course, are having Winter...

    And my Winter plans are to make my porcelain gonads as beautiful as possible, to not get caught up with the socialising (and politicking) at Potty Training, to persuade as many of my hyacinths as possible to stay closed until we move into the Regency Wreck, to shake my fist at Spring to deter it for as long as possible, to cram as many log fires in as I can and to look after my health. The last one being boring but necessary to all the others. Akin to your drinking water, most probs. I'm with you on the number one child (though I have only one), the films, and I'm interested to see what your wedding dressing shopping yields.

  2. You are finally Moving In? Tremendous! When? It must be soon (ish) since Time and Hyacinths wait for no man. How lovely to have news from you, I hope to read a post from you soon.