Sunday, 23 June 2013

new brooches

I've been playing around with ideas recently, and enjoying the feeling of ancient quilted feedsack between my fingers. Notions of childhood, half-buried memories of collecting things - pebbles, leaves, shells, bubble-gum wrappers (with funny cartoons on them), stamps from foreign countries, and scraps, which were taken into school to swap with  other collecters in the playground. I found some scraps on ebay which looked so familiar I bought them - angels with pink or blue wings, their  hair bobbed,  ruby lips and rosy cheeks an expression of innocence. I've made some pretty brooches and am in the process of putting them into my etsy shop. They will look good on a jeans jacket, a summer dress, a t-shirt…but you'll have your own ideas!


  1. She speaks!

    I like the way the angel seems to rise up and sit upright in her brooch.

    Nice to see you blogging again.

  2. Thank you for kind comments, PP. They're so prim, these angels, they look more like secretaries of the 50s, don't you think, or head girls from some prep school. In fact very like the Four Marys of the Bunty, circa 1969, now I think of it.